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2020 Fender Custom Shop Brent Mason Signature Telecaster

2020 Fender Custom Shop Brent Mason Signature Telecaster

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An homage to the prized Tele that Mason discovered at a Nashville guitar shop in the early '80s, his signature model is loaded with every feature a session ace could ever need. To put it simply: This Tele does things other guitars just can't. 

This 2020 model has seen some light playwear and has some minor scuffing and a couple of dings on the matte finish on the back of the guitar, but has received a fresh BBGB setup and is ready for its new owner!   Includes a deluxe Fender molded case.  


The ultimate Tele upgrade, the built-in Glaser Bender mechanism raises the pitch of the B string to capture the country twang of a pedal steel. The mechanism is activated by pushing down on the strap.


A Seymour Duncan® "Vintage Stack" bridge pickup, Seymour Duncan “Hot Stack” middle pickup and mini humbucking neck pickup combine to dial in Mason’s signature Tele tone.


Locking tuners provide rock-solid tuning stability while using the Glaser Bender. 


The Stories Collection Brent Mason Telecaster celebrates the Nashville studio ace’s legendary Tele with a Seymour Duncan pickup trio, specialized control set, Glaser Bender and more. 

Few players have a sound and style so revered that even their guitar mods are famous. But such is the case with Nashville session king Brent Mason, whose personalized ’67 Fender Telecaster, equipped with three pickups, a third control knob and specialized wiring, is the stuff of legend — so much so that his distinctive alterations have become known amongst fans as the “Brent Mason mod.”

Now his beloved custom model has been reborn as the Stories Collection Brent Mason Telecaster. This new guitar recreates the prized instrument Mason discovered in a Nashville guitar shop in the early ’80s, and per Mason’s specifications it features a unique (and very un-Tele-like) Seymour Duncan pickup trio: a Vintage Stack® Tele® STK-T3B in the bridge position, a Hot Stack® Strat® STK-S2 in the middle position and a Vintage Mini HB in the neck position. Controls consist of a distinct three-knob layout including master volume, master tone (with push/pull for middle pickup activation) and middle pickup volume — plus a three-position blade switch.

True to Mason’s modded original, his signature Tele also sports a Glaser Bender system for easy access to those elusive pedal steel-like tones.

But Mason isn’t known just for his distinctive instruments. Regarded as one of the most recorded guitarists in history, he’s a first-call Nashville session man who has appeared on more than 1,000 recordings by artists like Alan Jackson, Brooks & Dunn, George Jones, Dolly Parton, Blake Shelton, Shania Twain and many others – not to mention countless TV commercials, film soundtracks and television scores. Over the course of his more than 35-year career, he’s also achieved success as a producer and solo artist (check out his fret-burning 1997 instrumental album, Hot Wired), been inducted into the Musicians Hall of Fame, earned 12 Guitarist of the Year awards and won a GRAMMY®

Needless to say, Mason is a high-demand player across a wide range of genres. “I am a session dog,” he says. “You call me, I'll be there.” So when it comes to his instrument, Mason needs to be able to cover a lot of styles with one guitar. 

The uniquely-outfitted Stories Collection Brent Mason Telecaster achieves this goal and more. “It really inspired me,” he says. “I can switch gears in the middle of a song and go into some other style, or flip to the front pickup and do something a little more mellow or jazzy. It gives me versatility that I don’t have with just a regular guitar.”

In addition to expanded options and features, the Brent Mason Tele boasts an ash body finished in a striking Primer Grey – a nod to Mason’s original, which had been stripped of its factory color and refinished using auto primer – and complemented by a maple neck and fingerboard, black pickguard and chrome/gold-plated hardware.

The result is an instrument that, according to Mason, has been a long time coming. For fans who have long studied and sought out his particular Tele modifications, Mason says “it's all right here for everybody that wants to play the stuff like I played, and also their own stuff. I think people are going to find it real satisfying.”

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