Setup & Repair Services

Ben & Bucky's Guitar Boutique is proud to offer the area's premier setup and repair services.   With over 50 years of combined lutherie experience, our skilled and dedicated team of techs can handle any issues you may have with your guitars.   Stop by any time with your guitar for inspection and evaluation, or contact us with any questions you may have.
  • Inspection and Evaluation is $25
  • Minumum Bench fee is $45
  • Re-String: $45.00
  • Set up: $120.00
  • Set up with Plek: $250.00
  • New Nut: $100 ($150.00 for mandolin and 12 string)
  • New Saddle: $95 ($125.00 for compensated saddle, $250+ to fill and cut new slot for better intonation)
  • Re-Glue Bridge: $250
  • Brace Repair: $50 per brace
  • Replace Bridge: $250.00 + cost of new bridge
  • Handmade Bridge: 200.00 and up
  • Replace Tuners: $50.00 and up
  • Grind and Polish Frets: $185 (ONLY DONE ON PLEK MACHINE) 
  • Re-Fret: $675 (Add $50 for bound fingerboards) (Plek Board and Frets) 
  • Re-set Neck: $600.00
  • Crack Repair: $45.00 per inch by quote. Includes glue and cleat repair.
  • Headstock Repair: $250 and up
  • Install Pickup: $75-$200 (depends on condition of saddle slot)
  • Funk Surcharge: $50 and up (if your guitar is in need of cleaning for the necessary work to be completed, you will be charged)

Please note: prices are estimates only, due to the individual nature of each job, estimates may vary. If costs exceed the estimate the customer will be contacted before the work is done.

Prices are quoted for labor only. All parts and strings are additional.

All guitar repair work is guaranteed for a period of 90 days unless otherwise specified.