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1967 Epiphone E360TDC Riviera

1967 Epiphone E360TDC Riviera

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This is a semi-hollow Epiphone Riviera from 1967 in the factory original Cherry finish. It shares its basic body construction with the Gibson ES-335, but with a few Epiphone specific changes, including the late 60’s long Epiphone headstock, a chrome-plated Epiphone Frequensator tailpiece and a pair of patent number mini humbuckers. 

This example was produced with a celluloid three ply black-white-black engraved “Custom Made” plate below the bridge. Originally, these were installed in the early 60’s to cover over bolt holes routed into all versions of the Gibson semi-hollow design, even if the guitar was ordered with a Bigsby or a floating tailpiece. By 1967, the bolt routes were gone, as was the ground wire Gibson would attach in the area of the uninstalled bolt lugs. In this case, there are probably no routes under the plate, it was likely added at the factory for decorative effect. 

The original pickguard is laminated in the opposite way, white-black-white and it retains its original Epiphone “e” and the original mounting hardware. Often, these parts are often lost to time. All of the hardware is chrome plated, including the original Epiphone version of the Gibson ABR-1 bridge, complete with the original plated brass saddles and adjustment wheels. The patent-number pickups are original as well with plenty of ALNICO driven bite. The electronics are original as well, with no disturbed solder joints, topped with the original black hat knobs, marked volume, volume, tone and tone. 

Overall, the original finish shows checking overall and a few dings and dents here and there. There is an area on the treble side of the neck with patches of wear through the finish. It does not detract from the great playability of the neck. The neck itself has a 1 9/16” nut and a slim neck profile, making this among the fastest playing necks Gibson ever made. The only modification is a strap button, probably added by the original dealer, at the base of the heel. 

The bound Brazilian rosewood neck features parallelogram celluloid inlays and it retains the original large-ish frets. They have been crowned down, but they retain plenty of height and the guitar plays well up and down the neck. Similarly, the nut, double line Kluson Deluxe tuners and the truss rod cover are original and in excellent condition.

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