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1998 C.F. Martin x Thomas Humphrey C1-R

1998 C.F. Martin x Thomas Humphrey C1-R

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Built from 1997 to 2000, the Martin Thomas Humphrey C-1R offers a Humphrey element normally found primarily on high-end classicals – an elevated fingerboard.

Thomas Humphrey was an American luthier who apprenticed for a year with Michael Gurian around 1970, and then opened his own shop. In 1985, after many experiments with increasing power and sustain, he conceived what became his ‘Millenium’ guitar. This model used the elevated fingerboard, which really thins the body at the neck block, with the effect of raising the fingerboard. This can provide improved access to the upper frets, and increase the upward angle of string tension at the bridge. Thomas Humphrey died in April of 2008 at his home in Gardiner, New York.

Humphrey was not precisely the first to use this design as it was used for different reasons by Stauffer in the first part of the 19th century, and is found on Stauffer-style guitars built by C. F. Martin himself in the mid to late 1830s. Here, there is also a lock and key neck angle adjustment mechanism. Seeing the elevated fingerboard on a modern Martin is a reflection of Martin’s earliest days!

This Martin Thomas Humphrey C-1R dates to 1998 and is in very good, clean condition. It features a solid Red Cedar top with Sitka Spruce bracing and laminate Indian Rosewood back and sides. The body uses a tapered construction to allow the elevated fingerboard. Mahogany is used for the body blocks and neck. The bridge and radiused fingerboard are Indian Rosewood. For hardware, the tuners are excellent Gotoh 35G1800 models with 2R buttons.

This guitar was modified by Humphrey following production by Martin. Tom stripped the top of the C1R and French polished it. He removed the bridge, finished it and re-glued it directly to the body (Martin's finish actually interferes with the bridge's contact. with the guitar body in Tom's Opinion). He also replaced the mycarda saddle and nut with bone. The results are impressive!   includes HSC.  

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