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2023 Creek CTF-1959 M Aged Vintage Blonde

2023 Creek CTF-1959 M Aged Vintage Blonde

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Creek CTF 1959M AGED

CTF 1959M AGED is a semi-acoustic model designed to replicate a vintage feel with a 50s-style approach. From the use of Torrefied Wood in the bracing to the meticulous attention to detail in material selection, it recreates the unique vintage responsiveness and the lightweight feel one experiences when holding it.

The guitar features a custom-designed pickup that adheres to the original PAF specifications while being fine-tuned to match the resonance of the finished body. This level of detail embodies the concept of the "Time Machine Series," which aims to provide a guitar that allows one to enjoy a vintage feel in a brand-new condition.


The Mickey Mouse horn shape of yesteryear is followed by a 50s-style center block with no release on the 1st string side of the rear pickup cavity.
Laminated maple body with bracing made of Torrefied wood.
Brass saddle ABR-1 Type bridge, aluminum tailpiece, long studs, long pickguard, top hat knob, and other hardware reminiscent of the era.

Neck / Headstock

The neck shape reflects the moderately thick profile from around the mid-1950s. The rolled edges and an aging process make a comfortable feel in the hand. The neck angle is set shallow. To achieve a soft tension feel and clear note.
For the headstock, single-line/single-ring machine heads are equipped. The CTF 1959 M AGED features a Madagascar Rosewood fingerboard.


The pickups are equipped with the "Creek Custom Hand Wound Vintage PAF Style Humbucker", a newly designed original pickup that follows the specifications of the original PAF and is tuned to match the sound of the completed body.
Its tone is natural and clear, with a thick midrange and fast response like vintage.
Players will feel that their picking is faithfully represented.
Other features include CTS pots, Switchcraft toggle switches, and jacks.
The wiring material is mesh shielded wire, and Bumblebee replicas are used for the capacitors.

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