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Don Grosh Retro Classic Vintage T

Don Grosh Retro Classic Vintage T

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The ultimate T-style instrument with unmatched tone and playability. Every aspect of the Retro Classic Vintage T is a complete re-design of the traditional "T"-style guitar, from the body dimensions, countours, balance and routing to the neck design, construction and headstock. A truly revolutionary instrument that brings tone, looks, balance and playability to a whole new level. Spank, bite, chime and chunk, the Retro Classic Vintage T delivers harmonically rich tones with an ease of playability that is simply unmatched. Featuring master-grade, tone-tapped woods, ultra-thin nitro-lacquer finish and Novak pickups.

Don Grosh is a builder of custom guitars, basses and pickups. Every product is handcrafted in the Grosh factory in Broomfield, Colorado. Delivering the ultimate experience in tone, looks and playability.

Offered in excellent condition, this Classic Vintage T has some minor playwear, and has had a minor ding in the back of the neck repaired to remove the "speed bump".

Includes HSC

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