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Harby Noble Tone

Harby Noble Tone

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From Harby:

To gain an audience with the King, though, musicians have to wait their turn. The demand for the King of Tone far surpassed the supply, not to mention the price. These days, a used King of Tone can sell for upwards of $1,700. Then, in 2012, Analogman released the Prince of Tone to help meet demand. Using the KoT’s higher gain circuit option as its base, the PoT maintained its predecessor’s transparency, and its natural-sounding, smooth, tube-style distortion made it an instant success. Today, though, the PoT itself is often out of stock, and Analogman is currently limiting customers to one unit each.

Enter the Harby Pedals Noble Tone. A faithful replication of the original circuit board and schematics, the Noble Tone shares the rich sound that makes both the King and Prince of Tone so desirable. Compatible with almost any amp, the Noble Tone pedal is responsive and lends itself to a wide variety of sounds and applications. Use the low drive settings to clean up the modes and maintain an even level when playing softly, or put it on a higher drive setting to get a brighter, crunchier effect, especially when using the distortion mode. It can easily be stacked with other pedals, but it can also be used by itself to create smooth harmonics.

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