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Summer School Electronics - Gladys v2

Summer School Electronics - Gladys v2

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The Gladys V2 is an updated version of the Gladys Low/Mid Gain Overdrive.  This little lady boasts increased headroom, more gain on tap, a 2-band active eq, and silent switching.  Perfect for rock, blues, country and everything in between.  The Gladys V2 features 4 knobs: Volume, Drive, Treble and Bass, as well as a switch for added compression. 

·       With the toggle in the up position, the Gladys functions as hard-clipping boost/drive.  Similar to the classic breaker circuit it features low head room, and a light level of drive. 

·       When the switch is down, more volume and headroom is added, making the pedal sounds crisper and more direct.  This setting adds more volume to the pedal and a harsher more modern drive sound.

Gladys runs on a standard 9-volt, neg. center power supply, and has a lifetime warranty.  Hand built in Syracuse, NY by working musicians with attention to detail, the Gladys is always a good girl for any rig.

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