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Summer School Electronics - Gus-Plus

Summer School Electronics - Gus-Plus

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The Gus-Plus is a bass-friendly version of the Summer School Electronics Gus-Drive. Usable with guitar, bass, or any instrument that needs to retain clarity, it boasts an added blend knob to roll in the clean signal. The Gus-Plus provides all the presence and saturation of an overdriven tone, but without losing the lower frequencies and tonality of the notes. With the blend turned all the way down, the Gus-Plus functions like a standard Gus-Drive overdrive pedal, allowing a volume boost to an array of overdriven tones. When the clean blend is added, the volume should be balanced between the Volume and Blend knobs to find the perfect sweet spot for your tone.

The Gus-Plus runs on a standard 9-volt, neg. center power supply, and has a lifetime warranty.Hand-built in Syracuse, NY by working musicians with attention to detail, the Gus-Plus is always a good boy for any rig.

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